Jul 2019

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Mountain Partners

Mountain Alliance CEO Daniel Wild: “Major step towards 100 million euros”

A capital increase is currently underway at Mountain Alliance. For two old shares, shareholders can subscribe to a new share of the holding company. The subscription price per share is 6.25 Euro.


In an interview with our editorial team, Daniel Wild, CEO of Mountain Alliance, explains how he intends to use the fresh money. Wild talks in detail about the expansion of the portfolio and the goals he wants to achieve. In line with the motto "Blocks, not spills", Mountain Alliance AG is currently carrying out a cash capital increase at a ratio of 2:1. This will generate up to 18.9 million euros in proceeds.


WO: You are approaching new investments, and you also have the prospect of acquiring further portfolios. Do you already have concrete targets in sight?

Wild: We are observing the market very closely and have access to interesting portfolios via our network. The time for further acquisitions is favourable. We are currently looking at several portfolios in German-speaking countries that are significant for our growth strategy.


WO: Do these also include other investments from the portfolio of your major shareholder Mountain Partners?

Wild: No, we are not currently planning to acquire any further investments or portfolios from Mountain Partners. The two transactions in the past 24 months - the acquisition of Mountain Internet AG and Mountain Technology AG - have contributed significantly to the growth and momentum of Mountain Alliance. However, further transactions between Mountain Partners and us are currently not planned.


You can find the interview at this address.