May 2019

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Mountain Partners

Discovergy and Com-Metering Launch Joint Smart Meter Offer

As of today, the responsible Federal Office BSI has not yet certified enough Smart Meter gateways. But at some point this year the starting signal could be given. The installation of smart meters for around one million photovoltaic systems could become mandatory. The operators concerned want the Aachen-based smart meter provider Discovergy and the Com-Metering association to jointly explain the significance and opportunities of smart meters in the future, as was said on Monday. They agreed on a corresponding cooperation, which should enable operators to enter the smart energy world with digital business models at favourable prices.

The smart metering solutions visualize energy generation and power consumption in real time via a web portal or smartphone app and thus provide clues to maximize private consumption and reduce power consumption. "Anyone who decides today to opt for Com-Metering's offer with the Discovergy meter will receive all these functions with eight years of protection and can look forward to the obligatory rollout with complete peace of mind," says Joachim Lang, Sales Manager at Discovergy.


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