May 2019

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Mountain Partners

realXdata: When your house knows where you are

realXdata, a Berlin-based start-up that combines real estate, general economic and other data, has just been added to the list of the ten most promising artificial intelligence start-ups from German-speaking countries by the business magazine "Forbes". In order to find out how a certain quarter develops, the company evaluates real estate marketing platforms, for example. "We not only analyze prices and rents, but also how long the offers are online," says Daniel Sprünker, Chief Operating Officer of realXdata.


But that's not all: "We also look at the density of cafés and use artificial intelligence to evaluate the ratings on platforms such as TripAdvisor or Yelp in order to capture the mood of the guests," explains Sprünker. This is intended to help real estate investors and project developers decide whether an investment in a particular location is worthwhile. "Such data," explains Sprünker, "allow conclusions to be drawn as to how a residential district will develop and whether rents are likely to rise over the next few years."


You can find the complete article at this address (German).